Wednesday, April 29, 2009

$24 Profit!

I tell ya, there is just nothing better than getting paid to shop! I went to CVS and Walgreens today and got the items below. This is why I love couponing and love searching for deals, the stores paid me to 'buy' items we need. How cool is that?

To break this down:
4 - Breeze2 Glucometers - currently earning 5 RR's, I had coupons for each one so my cost was $0 and got $20 in store cash to use on future purchases.
2 - Nivea bodywash
3 - Nivea lip care items - when you spend $15 you get $5 ecb's back, I had newspaper coupons for each item as well as a store coupon.
12 - Command Hooks - when you spend $15 you get $5ebs's back, they were $2.50/package, I used coupons from here which made them all free plus a money maker.
1 - Charmin 16 roll toilet paper - $9.99 and produced $2 ecb's.
1 - candy item (needed a filler item).

By using manufacturer coupons and store coupons I made a nice little profit. Couponing is well worth the time you put into it. I will have to take pics of my laundry room and garage - I have a nice stockpile going on!