Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omaha Steaks - updated

Some of you have had trouble with the link for Geico, here is the actual link:

When you go to that page, on the right side under 'new to geico' is an orange rectangle that says 'register and save with omaha steaks' click on that and fill out the form. You will receive an email with a code in it within a few hours.

I found this on SlickDeals and just did it myself:

FREE $25 gift card for signing up with GEICO Privileges. (It took a few hours for the code to get to my email.)

-Sign up for Geico Privileges by clicking HERE. It's free and does not require credit card information. You also do not have to be a Geico customer to sign up.

-You'll soon receive an email from Geico Privileges thanking you for signing up and giving you a $25 Omaha Steak Gift Card! They will give you the Gift Card code in this email which is usable only once.

-Click HERE to access Omaha Steak's website. You must click on this specific link in order to get your FREE cutlery set with cutting board.

-Select any item from their menu with a total of $12 or more (anything above $12 will be out of pocket). Shipping will be $13 and will be covered by your gift card code.

-Go to Checkout. You should see the FREE 6-piece Cutlery Set and Cutting Board showing up at this point. (Shipping will not be added yet.)

-You'll need to Pay via Paypal or Credit Card. (Don't worry, you're going to apply the Gift Card next.)

-Enter your Billing Information - Click on Continue Checkout

-Enter Shipping Information for "Myself" - Click on Continue Checkout

-Here's the Gift Card code Time! Enter the code given in the email (no pin is needed). Click APPLY. The total should change to reflect the gift card at this point.

-Finally, enter your credit card information to pay the remainder of the balance, if any.
Click on Place Order at bottom! You're done!

I just got 8 steak burgers for $1.98 shipped!


carleigh said...

so glad you're doing a blog!! i'll let my friends know!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog Lisa! I started the Omaha steaks thing the other day but never got to finish it. I hope it goes through! That would rock!

forever0906 said...

Great blog! I didn't get an email for the Omaha steaks. Do you think the offer is over? Hmmm...thanks for keeping us shopping smart!!

Lisa said...

It took a few hours for me to get the email, hopefully you have received it by now!