Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ordering Coupons

I know some of you don't like to clip coupons! It can be time consuming, I agree. I like to 'buy' coupons from places such as Ebay and Coupons by Dede. I search for products we frequently use and have gotten some great deals. Now, ebay can get a tad expensive. I have found that Coupons by Dede has the best pricing. For just under $6 (that's the minimum amount required for purchase) I got 28 coupons which will breakdown has follows:

10 - Cottonelle toilet paper - this is going to allow me to get 10 4 packs for $1.90.

10 - Green Giant Fresh Steamers - this is going to get me 10 bags of fresh steamer vegetables for $0!

8 - Maybelline makeup - this will score me some free or very close to free makeup!

If you don't include the makeup, because the price varies and I will probably wait to use them on a b1g1 sale, for $5.10 I will get 40 rolls of toilet paper and 10 bags of veggies. I call that a great deal!

So for those of you who don't want to clip coupons, or want to buy a bulk amount I would try buying online!

Thank you to a reader who pointed out that Coupons be Dede offers a referral program! If you choose to purchase coupons through her site, at checkout please enter my name and email (lisa chakery/ to help build referral bucks for me. THANK YOU!

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